What makes good sauerkraut?

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Personal vegetable preservation, such as fermentation, was a necessity in ancient times to get people through the cold season when crops didn't grow. With the advent of refrigerators and canning processes, this art is often overlooked in the home. With these advances many people have lost a diversity in their diet that our ancestors recognized as healthful. Recent research has shown that there are beneficial microbes in fresh fermented foods that aid digestion, skin tone, elimination, and even mood.

Wow Wow Sauerkraut is made only from either locally sourced or organic cabbage and high quality sea salt. It is fermented in anaerobic vessels for a minimum of 3 weeks to increase microbial action and bioavailability of nutrients. Because probiotic microbes are sensitive to heat, Wow Wow sauerkrauts are never heat processed.



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Although I am not selling sauerkraut at the moment, I would love to teach you how easy it is to make so you can enjoy the benefits of healthful, fermented foods. In a Wow Wow Workshop we taste a variety of sauerkrauts including Old World and Sunny Sauerkraut. Old World includes carraway seed. Sunny Sauerkraut has the addition of carrots, organic lemon zest and ginger, giving it a bright look and flavor. It's terrific as an addition to a salad or light side with chicken or fish.


In our society we fortunately do not need to look too far to diversify our diet, so it's fun to experiment with different flavor additions. Cabbage is a remarkably versatile vegetable, and sauerkraut made from high quality cabbage can be a terrific addition to any meal.