Follow your bliss  

                            -- Joseph Campbell

I have always enjoyed cooking and learning about old ways of preserving foods. I started by making jams and vinegar pickles and moved on to dehydration. After reading the book “Cooked” by Michael Pollan I became fascinated with fermentation!

All forms of cooking interest me, but the science behind fermentation, the active use of bacteria to enhance the flavor, digestability, and nutrition of foods is amazing to contemplate. And that’s the Wow factor for me.

I know the name Wow Wow may seem cheesey (hey, cheese is fermented!), but just because this is an ancient form of food preservation does not mean we have to refer to fermentation by an archaic, earthy name. It is Wow Wow because it is simply amazing!

I really enjoy fermenting saurkrauts of various flavors (I make an awesome Sunshine Kraut) and a wide variety of vegetables including green beans, hot peppers, radishes, beets, and cauliflower. I have also added fermented drinks to my repertoire and partake of some sort of fermented drink every day. It really makes a difference in my general well-being.


I have been fortunate to get to find a community of like-minded cooks and wellness gurus and have given workshops at:

  • 100 Bowls of Soup

  • Maple Avenue Market

  • Natural Health and Healing Center

  • House of Steep

  • South Block Juices

  • Zizania Nutrition

I love to share with others even as I continue to learn.

I hope you’ll join me sometime.


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