Going out of business sale!


Just before COVID hit, I had invested in some Masontops products that I find useful and provided to participants at my in-person workshops that I am no longer offering.
If you would be interested in purchasing pickle pipes or pickle pebbles, at cost, contact me at wowxtwo@gmail.com.



Pickle Pebbles

Pickle Pebbles are made of glass and are used as weights to keep everything below the brine for fermenting in mason jars. These have a very handy finger grip. 4 per package. $12. Northern Virginia pick up only.


Pickle Pipes

Pickle Pipes are silicone covers that fit on wide mouth jars using the original ring to hold them in place. They allow CO2 to escape but don't allow oxygen into your jar. 4 per package. $12. Northern Virginia pick up only.

It's been fun getting to know so many new fermenters over the last few years! If you participated in a class before, feel free to drop me a line about your journey. If you have any questions about vegetable fermentation, kombucha, water kefir, or yogurt, let me know and I'll be happy to help you. If you're looking for a class I can recommend a few different excellent teachers. Just drop me a line.

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Why should you learn to make your own fermented foods? Read about it on the blog.

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