Because WowWow Workshops are experiential both for tasting and creating fermented foods, during the coronavirus outbreak and quarantine, all in-person workshops are cancelled. Online workshops with an experiential component are being developed. Once we get the all-clear, in-person, experiential workshops will be rescheduled. Until then, stay home, and if you must go out, take all recommended precautions so we can all be healthy. Hope to see you at a virtual workshop!

Wow Wow is a small business in Falls Church, VA, offering workshops in fermentation in the DC area  -- and now online!  (Wow x Two!)

Why should you learn to make your own fermented foods? Read about it on the blog.

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​​In a Pickle -- Fermented Pickle Workshop Online

Saturday, June 13, 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time, $10


You've eaten pickles all of your life. You use them to spice up your sandwiches and salads. And now, you can make them yourself!

I will demystify the pickle making process. Together we will go step by step through the fermentation process and make a pint (or a quart if you wish) of those kosher dills. And I will demonstrate a few other fermented vegetables to satisfy your pickle cravings.

If there is a particular vegetable besides cucumbers that you would like to ferment, have it available when we start and we'll discuss it and hopefully get you fermenting that too!

Recipe(s) and equipment list will be provided one week in advance. Nothing fancy, expensive, or out of the ordinary.

The workshop will be held over Zoom. Link will be provided through Eventbrite reminders. We will do all preparation together.

If you don't have the necessary ingredients or equipment, join us anyway! The more the merrier!

Register Here!

Fermentation Basics -- In Person!

Saturday, September 19, 1:30-3:30, $60

East Meets West, 8230 Old Courthouse Road, Suite 400, Vienna, VA

Description below.

Registration is not yet open.

Workshop Descriptions

DIY Refreshing Fermented Drinks: There's more to fermented drinks than just beer and wine. Just in time for summer, in this workshop you will learn the principals of drink fermentation to create healthful, naturally refreshing fermented drinks.  We will taste and learn about kombucha, water kefir (a non-dairy version of the popular probiotic drink), beet kvass (an Eastern European health elixir) and pineapple tepache (a Mexican fermented drink). Each participant will go home with a kombucha SCOBY and/or water kefir grains to create these probiotic drinks at home along with instructions and additional resources. (This workshop does not include beer or wine.)


​​​​Fermentation Basics: In this hands-on workshop you will learn the basics of creating your own fermented foods, try a variety of fermented vegetables and freshly fermented sauerkrauts, and create and take home a quart of your own signature sauerkraut in a reuseable fermentation kit. All cooking equipment and food is included. Just bring yourself and an apron if you're so inclined. Recipes and resources provided.

Kimchi: In this hands-on workshop you will learn the history of kimchi, how to make a variety of kimchis, learn recipes that utilize kimchi (and taste a few), and take home your own quart of freshly made kimchi. Recipes and resources provided.

Introduction to Fermentation: A demonstration of how sauerkraut is made and discussion about the benefits of fermented foods. Participants taste a variety of fermented vegetables and sauerkrauts. Examples from past demonstrations have included fermented green beans, fermented cherry tomatoes, and fermented zucchini pickles along with sauerkraut flavors such as lemon ginger and krautchi. Each participant will take home a small sample of freshly made sauerkraut with instructions for fermenting it at home. Recipes and resources will be provided.

If you have a group who may be interested in a private workshop or know of a place that would be suitable, please contact me.

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Fermentation Basics -- vegetables & sauerkraut

Fermented drinks -- Kombucha, water kefir and others

Making Yogurt


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